Thanks for the memories

So I wanted to make a post, as I have now officially ended my year of study in Davis, California. As many will imagine, it is a period with very mixed emotions, and a bittersweet time. Surprisingly to me though is that it isn’t quite as bittersweet as I expected, and I guess this is because it’s the right time to return. I’ve had my fun, and now I must go back. There are also many people and things I miss at home, so there’s stuff to look forward to about returning too. Any departure is also just a reason to get back again, so I certainly hope that this is not the last time I see anyone that I have met at Davis, and challenge and implore everybody to stay in contact.

I am currently packing to begin travelling the state of California with my family, both showing them what I’ve seen, and experiencing new things with them. After this I travel to Vancouver, where I will begin a second road trip around British Colombia. As such I have a busy and exciting month ahead, with the weight of exams off my back. I’ll be posting fairly regularly about my travels, and about experiences I didn’t have opportunity to write about that happened over the academic year.

Finally, to any Davis students reading this post, allow me to say my most sincere gratitude for an absolutely unforgettable year, which I cannot express in words how significant the memories forged here are. It has been a hugely defining year in my life, and will be with me until the day I die. The friends I made, and the experiences I shared with them cannot be replaced. The University of Bristol, and University of California are the two institutions that made this possible, and every student at Davis that make it what it is, I thank you for this year.

Until next time Davis!!!



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